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Art Trade - Kevnius by Decora-Chan Art Trade - Kevnius by Decora-Chan
:damphyr: I made a pairing name for them Kevin first or else I thought that the name sounded too strange

I tried to change my hair coloring a bit but ugh. I'm just never satisfied with my coloring style. I must practice more.

Any feedback would be highly appreciated since I am still learning digital art and I'm looking for any suggestions for me to improve in the future.

~Heart Decora-Chan Rose 

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Art  Decora-Chan
Arsenius  KaixChan
Kevin  Decora-Chan
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KaixChan Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I feel like Arsenius' theme song should be something called "White bois" or something. /bricked

Seriously, dude is white as hell. xD All my characters are white. I think I need to get some diversity LOL.

All in all, like I said, this is a great piece and I love how you drew my egotistical slut of a warlock pff. :XD: I think your coloring style is definitely improving from when you first started digital arts. Remember that? It was a joyous occasion for us all hehe.

All you can do is draw more, color more, and improve. Sometimes you need a boost to improve, like a professional class (which is what I'm doing), but I'm sure you'll get better the more you draw. You have a natural talent dear and you should use it to your full potential. x3 I'm sure one day you'll become an amazing digital artist with a large following and more commissions than you can handle. ;3 I believe in you and your skillz~
Decora-Chan Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Haha~ Yeah~ Well a lot of my boys are very pale too. Because in my opinion I think the very pale skin is very beautiful on a male and I am a very biast/sexist/racist person so yeah <w< 

I imagine Kevin to be tanned though, not overly so, just like normal Asian kinda skin. But I imagine Khoi to be pale and uzzlang looking. Kevin is just akwkard and doesn't know what style he wants to fit. He dyes his own hair blonde and it's all messy and slightly frizzy after that hehe. No real style~ He's unique in his own ways.

I think my digital art is better too~ But still~ I don't really want a professional class though tbh ~_~ I'm still sticking with the fact that art is my hobby. I'm not nearly as good as like 80% of people here on Deviantart with beautiful paintings and anatomy. I'm just normal good. So I do not want to make it anything more. I just want to get better at what I like. 
KaixChan Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
LOL omg are you really? I think pale stuff looks pretty on both boys and girls. ovo I think Arsenius and Emiko take the cake for being the palest characters I have though. :XD:

Yeah Kevin is pretty normal with his normal style but he's still unique in an average way I suppose. c: Arsenius is all LOOK AT ME I'M ALL SPARKLY AND PRETTY AND BETTER THAN ALL YOU BASTARDS 8D and everyone tends to hate him for that but then at the same time people need his help so they're like OTL we have to deal with this prick again. :rofl:

Oh no, that's perfectly okay. x3 I'm just taking a professional class so my writing can be where I want it to be. Right now I'm like well you're good but you could be better so I need to make you up to snuff to what I want, ya know. And hey, I think you're pretty good for what you have! Yes, you may not be as amazing as someone who can paint realistic portraits, but you're good in your own way. You're like Kevin. Unique in an average way but unique all the same~ :3
Decora-Chan Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Haha yesh. I think out of my characters, Zhou & Min would be at the top of the 'palest' *^* Since they are vampires and I always imagined them with perfect white skin QAQ But Yuma is also a vampire but I imagine him to have skin that's a bit pale but still quite 'normal' Also Fayt is extremely white because of his whole staying in the hospital for years and being all sickly yada yada.

I don't just think you are taking a writing class to be better. I could take art to be better but I don't really want to because I don't want a future career in arts =w= But you wants to make books and stuff and get them published so I think it's great that you are taking a class for your writing.
KaixChan Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh yes, Zhou and Min. :3 You should do a digital piece for them sometime. I think it would be quite pretty with their vampire-ness and pale skin and stuff. :'D /bricked 

I always liked Fayt too for some reason. I don't know why. I like almost all of your OCs if not all of them pfff. 

Yush. That is my big dream but sometimes I wonder how close or far I am to accomplishing it. Getting things published requires money and I don't have too much if any of that. ._. At the same time it takes years so I need some kind of income between then and now, so in the end, for now I'm taking it to get better, to find a style that doesn't want me to tear my hair out with how weird and normal it sounds to some people's writing, and so on. xD I basically want to be better than average if you know what I mean.
Decora-Chan Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Haha awe yes. I really should draw them again. I guess there time is kinda over. Since their rp went on for a ridiculous amount of time LOL and that rp got finished. I really want to continue using their characters (and yuma omg) but it's hard because their whole life is kinda like ... planned out o3o well unless I made a huge time skip like 80years later or something, but it might not feel like zhou and min anymore <w< Because they are vampires but like... the two of them are only 50 o3o New vampires *^*  I could probably work something out, but it's not like I'd rp them again for a long time I think...

I'm glad you like fayt *^* But he died so I can't use him again. Although I wanted to make an AU kinda story where my wife's character, Cain, actually saves him and then years after Fayt isn't all drugged out on his medication and they can live together *^*

anyway random I'm ranting.

You will be able to one day. I know you will. Once you hone your skills and such, it'll be easy for you. And yeah you don't have money now but in the future you will~ I know you will~
KaixChan Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
We could always do an RP of them where they met Arsenius or something. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE HUMOR IN THAT. He'd be like ooh pretty vampires and they'd be like wtf who's this dude with the pointy ears and the sparkles--IS HE A TWILIGHT VAMPIRE?! /bricked

Wait whut. He died?! D: How did he diiiie? That's so sad. I can't imagine killing off any of my characters permanently. I'd be like NO WAIT COME BACK I LOVE YOU and with my power of being their god, revive them and let them forlock in my head of happiness, rainbows, and sunshine. ovo And sometimes dark things because I love torturing my characters. ;D

Awe thank you for the encouragement dear! It means a lot to me that you believe in me so much. <3
Decora-Chan Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Haha well I am unsure about that xD I'm sure it would be pretty normal to them *^* Since in their world it's kinda... like they met just about every kind of magical things during their trip. Mostly it revolved around vampires but ofc Ryou is a big secondary character, and he has elf ears and horns (He's an incubus ne) And one of the minor characters was a vampire who had studied white magic, and a kemonomimi boy played a good part near the end. So I'm sure Arsenius wouldn't be too much of a surprise.

Out of all my characters, I only have a few who actually die. His story is a bit um.. complicated. But he was experimented on to get telekinesis power, and he ends up escaping the hospital that he was kept at for like 10 years. Cain attempts to help him but the program that Fayt was in was secretly done by the government, and during the rp they mainly find out where he is hiding and attempt to take him back. They want him really bad because like... they had like 100 kids in this experiment, and Fayt was the only one who made it through. All the other kids eventually overdosed from the medication or went crazy from what it did to them.

Mainly, at the end, Fayt goes crazy and kills a bunch of people in a rage, then goes up to where him and Cain had gone for a little 'date' with their time together, a huge building. 

Cain goes up to follow him but once he gets up Fayt mainly says that he won't continue living his life like this, just being a weapon and having no freedom, and he jumps off of the building, thus taking his own life before the police get to where he's at.

That story is where this picture came from

Anyway I have ranted too much. Min also dies near the end of his story, and it's a big dramatic thing. He's murdered by another one of the 'party members' that I had at the time travelling with them.

and ofc Aiden is dead but that's kinda a given right? LOL

A lot of close calls with Zhou though. 
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